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When it comes to navigating the real estate market, various factors can complicate the process. One such circumstance is the sale of a probated home.

Probate refers to the legal process through which the assets of a deceased person are distributed among their beneficiaries or heirs.

In the state of Florida, understanding probate listings and the step-by-step process for selling a probated home is crucial. At The Homeowners Agent, we specialize in assisting clients with probate listings, providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire transaction. We work closely with probate attorneys to ensure a smooth transaction.

Let’s delve into what probate is in Florida.

What is Probate in Florida?

Probate is a legal process that occurs after an individual dies without estate planning. In Florida, the probate process serves to ensure that the deceased person's assets are distributed in accordance with their wishes or state laws if no will exists.

During probate, the court oversees the gathering, valuation, and distribution of the deceased person's assets, including their real estate holdings. Probate listings refer to properties that are part of the probate process and are available for sale.

The Step-by-Step Process for Selling a Probated Home in Florida:

Initiating Probate:

The probate process begins by identifying an attorney that specializes in probate.

In the state of Florida the fee for probate is 3% of the decedent's total assets. Some attorneys may do the probate filing for a flat fee if there are minimal assets and heirs are in agreement.

Filing a Petition:

The attorney then files a petition with the appropriate court. If the decedent had a valid will, the executor named in the will typically initiates the probate process. If there is no will or executor named, the court will appoint an administrator. Please note that having a will does not prohibit you from going through probate in fact it guarantees it. The only way to avoid probate is through proper estate planning before death.

Personal Representative:

Once appointed, the executor or administrator becomes the personal representative and assumes responsibility for managing the probate estate, including the sale of any real estate.

Determining Fair Market Value:

After initiating probate, the realtor meets with the personal representative and any other family members involved in the sale of the home to discuss and determine the value of the probated home. We look to establish a fair market value for the property.

Listing the Property:

Once the property's value has been established, the personal representative can work with the realtor to list the probated home for sale.

Court Approval:

It's important to note that once the property goes under executed contract (a buyer and seller signing an agreed upon contract) the court must approve the price of the sale before the property can close and transfer ownership, unless the will grants them independent authority. This is to ensure that the heirs receive fair market value for the property.

Court Proceedings:

We will assist you in navigating the court approval process, ensuring that all required documentation is prepared accurately and submitted in a timely manner. Our team will liaise with the court, attorneys, and other professionals involved to streamline the process and minimize delays.

Marketing and Showcasing:

At The Homeowners Agent, we understand the importance of effective marketing strategies to attract potential buyers. We employ a range of techniques to maximize exposure for probate listings, including online listings, professional photography, virtual tours, and targeted marketing campaigns. Our goal is to generate interest, secure the best possible price for your probated home in the least amount of time.

Offers and Negotiations:

Once offers start coming in, the personal representative, with the guidance of our experienced team, will review and evaluate each offer.

We will negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that your interests are protected and that the best possible terms are achieved.


Upon court approval, the sale can proceed to closing provided title, lenders and associations clear all conditions to close.

The Homeowners Agent will coordinate with all parties involved, including attorneys, title companies, and other professionals, to facilitate a smooth and efficient closing process. Our team will be there to address any concerns and questions as they arise.

If you need assistance in finding an attorney that is right for you, we are happy to provide you with a list of attorneys that can help you.

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Whether you want to buy, sell, or invest in residential real estate, just give us a call! You can count on The Homeowner's Agent to take care of you.

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